Welcome to Trading Unlimited!

About Us

We specialise in the wholesale trade of consumer electronics.

We are a family-run business that has been in the market for over ten years. During this time we have accumulated a wealth of experience and extensive knowledge of the electronics market and the needs of our partners.

Above all, we are proud to have built up many successful, often long-term relationships with our customers. Today, these often go beyond the strictly business sphere. These are relationships based on mutual trust, the basis of which is the reliability and credibility of our company.

Central to this is our focus on the highest possible quality of service.


We have partners all over Europe

Trading Unlimited continuously cooperates with a carefully selected group of partners in Poland and abroad.

These include e-commerce shops as well as local wholesalers. Being fluent in English and German, we are able to successfully negotiate favourable terms of cooperation. Then, on this basis, we can prepare a valuable offer for our partners.



We focus on high quality and excellent contact

We care about the quality of our offer and cooperation. We ensure a fast and detailed flow of information at every stage of contact with our partners.

This applies to the products themselves and to the ordering process, as well as to the provision of complete shipping information and all transport data. This reliability of service, combined with punctuality and attention to good contact - these are key strengths of Trading Unlimited.



We form a small, efficient team

We give due attention to every stage and element of the work. This includes the entire process of finding, offering and delivering the product, as well as logistical and warehousing issues.

We are a small, but thus extremely efficient and understanding team of two brothers. We share not only professional interests, but also core values and the will to support the communities in which we operate. The consistency of our goals and the refinement of how we achieve them ensures Trading Unlimited has a strong place in the market.

We pride ourselves on operating reliably and efficiently. This is what guarantees benefits for our partners and determines mutual satisfaction from the cooperation undertaken. We invite you to contact us, to cooperate with us and to take advantage of our offer.