What sets us apart?

We care about quality

At Trading Unlimited, we all care about the quality of the products we deliver and the satisfaction of our partners. It is the advantage of a small team - a family business.

With us, everyone is focused on doing their job to the best of their ability. Our extensive international contacts with carefully selected partners ensure constant access to the best quality goods. We consciously rely on recognised brands and leading manufacturers for every type of consumer electronics we have on offer.

By choosing Trading Unlimited - a small but resilient and reliable family-run business - you can be assured that everyone who works with us will receive the attention they deserve. With an accent on quality and with a commitment to mutual satisfaction.


We provide contact and information

The entire process, which begins with the search for goods and ends with the delivery to the partner, is, at Trading Unlimited, combined with constant and easy access to all information.

Everyone can carefully check the parameters of the equipment they are interested in. We focus on informed shopping because we realise that this is the basis of satisfaction. The delivery procedure is very important to us.

We want to make sure that everyone who chooses Trading Unlimited can reach accurate information about the shipping and transport of the goods at the delivery stage. We are particularly concerned about meeting deadlines - because we know that time is priceless.

We make sure that the opportunity to contact Trading Unlimited is also available after the sale and delivery of the goods. We are confident in the quality of our products and our service. That is why a very good and easily accessible contact is our particular strength.

We build lasting relationships

We have worked with many of our partners for years. At Trading Unlimited, we focus on building lasting relationships.

It is possible because we are distinguished by reliability, dependability - the foundations for building trust. We are open to the contacts with our partners. We have relationships with a number of them that even go beyond business.

Business is not only about profit, but also about honesty and mutual respect between partners. This is what we base our camaraderie relations with partners who are interested in building such a positive atmosphere together.

We focus on mutual satisfaction

We believe that the development and benefits of our partners is a solid basis for the growth of Trading Unlimited. We see the way to increase mutual benefits and profits in our attention to service quality.

Therefore, we are characterised by reliability, punctuality and an empathetic approach to our partners. We combine the highest quality with favourable prices. We advise and enable you to contact us at every stage of the sale of goods, also providing after-sales care.

We have more than a decade of experience in the market, which clearly shows that the basis for success is mutual satisfaction with each transaction.